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This restaurant offers modern ambience which brilliantly fuses Asian and European interiors to make your dining experience very unique. The uniqueness does not just end with the ambience. The cuisine is well worthy of more than a few words, the varied Chinese flavours have been so well mastered by Chef Yap that the menu appeals to a wide range of nationalities each with its own peculiar tastes when it comes to Chinese cuisine. Chopstix is also a Guinness World Record holder for the world?s largest chopsticks, we even beat the Chinese at their own game.

Cuisine :Chinese, IndoChinese.
Contact :971-4-2720000
Address :Marco Polo Hotel


Marco Polo Hotel Deira    Tel:  971-4-2720000

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  • Not valid on special days / events / festivals.
  • Not valid in conjunction with any promotions / special events.